FootyCon will be the premier destination in the United States for soccer fans, players, brands and creators to converge, celebrate and empower the sport and the culture it inspires. FootyCon is bringing sport, art, fashion, food, social media, technology and innovation into a real world setting that allows the people driving the sport and those consuming the culture to connect in the same space. FootyCon was founded out of a love for the beautiful game and the global culture that it inspires. The founders have a long track record of blending sport and culture and are committed to helping continue grow the game in a modern way that celebrates the sport on and off the field.



Vendors at FootyCon are able to sell direct, interact, build relationships and better understand who their consumers are. Each vendor will get to build out their space in a unique manner that best serves the brand and tells their brand story.

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Becoming a sponsor of FootyCon gives you unique access and a deeper ability to interact with the soccer community and to better understand the communities present at FootyCon. Sponsorships can be tailored to help brands best achieve their goals in better connecting with the massive global soccer audience. We look forward to working with you to help customize your goals as a sponsor of FootyCon.

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